Handmade Recycled Seed paper

jack-paperFor Spring Equinox 2011 Jack, Chris, Caroline and our friend Jen got together and made paper infused with seeds for our take away for the High Day ritual. The idea was that we would have Frigg and Freyja bless the papers and each person could write something they wanted to grow in their life on the paper and then plant it and as the plants grew, so would whatever they wrote on the paper.

hands-paperSo Jack bought a kit which had us making paper in about 5 minutes after watching the DVD. We started by shredding old Red Eyes and putting them in the food processor with some water. We put a little too much pulp in the deckle the first time so our first piece was a little think, more like thin cardboard but after a few test sheets we got the thickness right and started to add the seeds. A few we pressed into the wet paper after it had been pressed and some we added when the pulp was still in the deckle. In some papers we put tomato and marigold seeds, then basil, chives, rosemary, and we added some pink cotton and made pink paper with viola seeds.



seeds-smallAll in all the experience exceeded all of our expectations and we will be finding a lot of reasons to make paper in the future with all sorts of things in it, grass, flowers, natural vegetable dyes, who knows? We will also be seeing exactly how many different papers we can recycle as well.