Janus Bead Sculptures

janus2We always like to have something for the attendees of our rites to take home with them as a reminder of the ritual. For the Samhain we honored Janus as the Deity of the occasion so I sculpted some tiny Janus double heads out of terra cotta colored polymer clay. Well I sculpted one head out of clay, then made a mold of it, and molded the heads, baked them then sculpted them together and baked one more time. They needed to be baked twice so the faces wouldn’t get squished when the two halves were put together. They were then antiqued with acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. I admit they turned out more Celtic looking than Roman, but I think they turned out pretty good. They aren’t really meant to be beads, more like miniature sculptures, I put the eye hooks on them so they could be hung above a doorway or above an altar/shrine.

janus3 janus1