Norse Well, Fire and Tree


The World Tree Yggdrasil

“An ash I know there stands,
Yggdrasill is its name,
a tall tree, showered
with shining loam.
From there come the dews
that drop in the valleys.
It stands forever green over
Urðr’s well.”

— Völuspá, Stanza 19 trans. Ursula Dronke

Let this tree become Yggdrasill the World Tree, whose mighty trunk is the spine of the cosmos, the path between the Nine Worlds, with roots that dig deep into the underworlds of fire and ice, and whose branches soar high to the heavens to the great feasting Halls of the Shining Ones.

Sacred Yggdrasill, grow within us!


Well of Urðr

“Stands over that still pool,
Near it a bower
whence now there come
The Fate Maidens,
first Urð,
Verðandi second,
scorer of runes,
Then Skuld, third of the Norns:
The laws that determine
the lives of men
They fixed forever
and their fate sealed.”

— Völuspá, Stanza 20 trans.

Silver I offer, and with this offering let this vessel become Urðarbrunnr the Well of Urðr where from chaos the Norns weave the fates of Gods and Men.

Sacred well of Urðr, flow within us!


Well of Hvergelmir

“Heithrun is the goat | who stands by Heerfather’s hall,
And the branches of Laerath she bites;
The pitcher she fills | with the fair, clear mead,
Ne’er fails the foaming drink.
Eikthyrnir is the hart | who stands by Heerfather’s hall
And the branches of Laerath he bites;
From his horns a stream | into Hvergelmir drops,
Thence all the rivers run.”

— Grímnismál, Stanza 25, 26 trans. Henry Adams Bellows

Silver I offer, and with this offering let this fountain become the seething cauldron
Hvergelmir, from this frigid and yeasty turmoil flows the ancient source of all life-
giving waters.

Sacred well of Hvergelmir, flow within us!


Well of Mimir

“I know where Odin’s eye is hidden,
Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir;
Mead from the pledge of Odin each morn
Does Mimir drink: would you know yet more?”

— Völuspá, Stanza 29 trans. Henry Adams Bellows

Silver I offer, and with this offering let this vessel become Mímisbrunnr the Well
of Mimir, guardian of all wisdom and knowledge. And like Odin AllFather may we
make the sacrifices necessary to gain our own wisdom and knowledge.

Sacred well of Mimir, flow within us!


Sacred Fire

Ullr’s and all the gods’ favour shall have,
whoever first shall look to the fire;
for open will the dwelling be,
to the AEsir ́s sons,
when the kettles are lifted off.

— Grímnismál, Stanza 42 trans. Benjamin Thorpe

Oil I offer, and with this offering let this flame become the Sacred Fire, a fire of
inspiration, a sacrificial fire lifting our praises and offerings to the Shining Ones.

Sacred fire, burn within us!