You Sing with Sweet Voices

an Invocation to Freya and Frigga

Queen of Asgard,
From the fertile fields of Folkvangr You stride
Singing the dead to new life in Your golden halls.
Your voice lifts the spirits from darkness to light,
And Your shining tones
Bring the Sun from behind the clouds of gloom.

Queen of Asgard,
To hear Your sweet voice
As You stride the World –
falcon-feathered, jewel-throated, beaming –
Brings hope and joy to all Your folk.
We welcome and honor You, Queen Freya
To our celebration of Spring.

Mother Frigga,
Whose body is Earth and whose spirit is Growth,
Singing Her children to new life from the dark drafts of Winter.
Your voice calls up the plants and trees,
And the blood of the people
To rise and create anew.

Mother Frigga,
To hear Your sweet voice
As you stir all of Nature to toil –
Marsh Queen, Secret Keeper, Mother’s Companion –
Brings color and life back into the world.
We welcome and honor you, Mother Frigga,
To our celebration of Spring.

Jack Cole
Yule 2010