A Perfect Autumn Day :: Autumn Equinox 2013

It was a busy weekend for a lot of us, culminating in a perfect autumn day for our high day celebration. Chris and I attended the wedding of Grove friends Drew & Karen in Elgin where Jennifer was also one of Karen’s attendants. I got a nasty sting from a wasp just before the wedding, but it was more annoyance than anything else. I’ve been stung more times by bees, wasps and yellowjackets in my life to do more than just grouse about it for a few minutes. Besides, if that were the worst thing to happen on Drew & Karen’s wedding day, I’d take one for the team.

Our Autumn Equinox this year honored The Dagda, a deity our Grove has never worked with before. Jennifer wrote a beautiful liturgy (which I will post this week to the archives), and we celebrated with fruits of the harvest including pears and apples from Wisconsin’s Brightonwoods Orchard & Distillery, and cookies made from an ancestral recipe by Jennifer herself. After pouring copious amounts of libations and tasty treats for The Dagda, we received a very good omen that He was pleased with our offering, and an even more positive Grove omen from our guest Seer, Kat. I’ve posted a few recipes from today’s rite [Pear Torte, Baked Squash], and will get the rest posted as soon as possible.

We’re gearing up for a busy Fall, with a visit to an orchard in October, and an Autumn Social in Des Plaines following our Grove planning meeting. We’ll post more details as they become available.

In the interim, the Grove wishes all of you bright days, crisp nights, and a good fire to pray by!

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