A possible new Wild Onion charity project?

loom knitting

First go with the knitting loom

So working in a craft store I always keep my eyes peeled for potential Grove craft projects, usually for Altar giveaways or ways to make ritual gear. However for some time now I have been interested in making squares for the Knit a Square charity, which collects 8 inch knit/crochet/felted squares and turns them into blankets for AIDS orphans in Africa.  I haven’t knitted properly in years but I sort of know how to crochet but I’m not very good at making squares, I can’t ever keep the edges straight. But one day I looked at the knitting looms and thought that might be the way to go. They work the same way a spool knitter does, and even little kids can spool knit so I though I’d get one of the smaller cheaper ones and see what I could do with it. I also happened to be browsing the yarn and found some very nice wool yarn on clearance! Squares made with natural fibers can go to kids who live in situations with open fires, as acrylic yarn turns into hot molten plastic should it get set on fire accidentally. They do accept acrylic yarn squares but they only go to places with electricity so I thought natural fibers would be more useful. I got the alpine wool (I think it’s roving) and it’s going to make some very warm squares!

IMG_4960When I got the loom home I realized I didn’t want to practice using the good stuff so I grabbed some cotton yarn from my stash and proceeded to cast on to the loom (I assume its casting on, like knitting.) I opted for the double knit as I figure I can handle the single knit and I think the double knit will be better for the squares anyway. So I followed the directions and started knitting and boy was I right about it being easy, it’s exactly like spool knitting and it goes really fast, I reckon I could do a square and hour easily. Even Chris could knit a square this way (yes you could Chris.) Which of course got me thinking about making this a Grove project. We could make so many squares over the winter, by the time our spring rolls around it will be fall in South Africa and the perfect time to send them over. The looms are cheap (and you can use a coupon plus my discount) and we can keep an eye out for yarn sales and again use coupons and my discount.  Another thing we could do is actually use some squares to make blankets for Project Linus as well since we haven’t made blankets for them in several years (I still have some fleece for that too but that’s another post!)

loom knitting

This is after about half an hour, that’s almost a complete square

So I figure this is something we can discuss over on Facebook and at the next Grove meeting or High Day. I’ll keep on knitting so I can work out the kinks, I found a few things out already they don’t put in the instructions so it will make things smoother for others who wish to join me making knit squares, and maybe hats and socks someday too? I have my eye on the sock loom and there is even an afghan loom that is curled in an S shape that you use to knit 60 inch blankets in one go. But I think I will see how the 8 inch squares work out first!

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3 Responses to A possible new Wild Onion charity project?

  1. Jack Cole says:

    I love the idea – easy, and everyone can participate! We’ll have to arrange an Art Day to get our JoAnn coupons together, and get some yarn and looms. Check your schedules, people!

    • Caroline Farrow says:

      I did discover that we will need to use the 50 peg looms as you have to start almost twice as big as the finished piece, for single knit you can use a round loom as well but you have to single crochet around the edge of single knit to keep it from curling. I’m going to get the bigger loom and experiment til I get the right size square.

  2. Tim says:

    love the knitting loom

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