Grove Bylaws

Wild Onion Grove Bylaws

last updated August 2010

Bylaws Contents

Article 1. Grove Purpose

Wild Onion Grove ADF, is a nonprofit religious, educational, scholarly, artistic,
and charitable association, organized to practice the full spectrum of legal
activities appropriate for a religious congregation.

To serve the spiritual and educational needs of the Northern Illinois community,
Wild Onion Grove ADF, provides public Druidic ritual and worship, classes
and discussion groups in Druidic arts and lore, opportunities to enhance and
deepen the spiritual development of our membership, service to enhance and
sustain our local communities and environments, and religious support of the
community in the Druidic way, (e.g. counseling, blessings, advising, et al.).

As set forth by the Mother Grove, Wild Onion Grove ADF, shall provide open
public worship at all of the High Days; a public service must also be completed
each quarter.

As a local congregation of Ár nDraoicht Féin, a Druid Fellowship, Inc., Wild
Onion Grove ADF, shall follow the National ADF bylaws.

Article 2. Calendar

In the Druidic way we honor the eight High Days (quarter and cross-quarter
days) as set up by the Mother Grove, beginning with (in the Celtic tradition)
Samhain. The dates of these High Days are set by the Mother Grove in Article
3:2 of the National ADF bylaws.

For ceremonial purposes each High Day may be celebrated upon either the
legal date, the astronomical date, or upon a date, within a fortnight of the
astronomical date, mutually convenient to the participants of the particular
celebration involved.

In addition, Wild Onion Grove ADF, may honor traditional ethnic holidays as
agreed upon by a vote of the voting members.

Article 3. Categories of Membership

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply for membership in Wild Onion
Grove. Those under 18 must present a signed and notarized document from
his/her legal guardian permitting them to join ADF and Wild Onion Grove
before s/he can apply for membership. Persons under the age of 18 must adhere
to the National ADF bylaws pertaining to them as well. Choosing “Wild
Onion Grove” as grove affiliation on the ADF website does not connote Full
Membership status in the Grove.

Wild Onion Grove Member

A Full Grove Member is defined as a person who is a National Member (a
Member of ADF, Inc.), and has applied for and been accepted by vote of current
members as a Grove Member. Full Grove Members have voting privileges
in both the National and Grove elections, and receive one vote after his/her
six month Full Grove members receive both Grove literature and National
publications. Full Grove members also pay dues to the Grove as outlined in
Section 9. Only Full Grove Members may hold Grove Office. Full Grove
Members *must* choose “Wild Onion Grove” as their Grove affiliation on the
ADF website.

Grove Affiliate

A Grove Affiliate is someone who has applied for full Grove membership, but is
still in his/her first year. Grove Affiliates may make contributions to the Grove,
but it is not required. Grove Affiliates may attend certain members-only events
at the discretion of the Grove members, but may not vote. Grove Affiliates may
choose “Wild Onion Grove” as their grove affiliation on the ADF website, but
this does not indicate Full Member status until the Grove Members vote and
accept the Grove Affiliate’s application to join the Grove.

Friend of the Grove

Friends of Wild Onion Grove are those who are a) not members of ADF, b)
are national members of ADF but have not yet or have no desire to apply for
membership in Wild Onion Grove. Friends of the Grove may attend all public
rites, and may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be invited to
attend Grove social functions. They may not attend closed Grove functions.


To apply for full membership in Wild Onion Grove, a person must be a national
member of ADF, fill out and submit a Grove application, and attend at least
two (2) public Grove events. Six months after application, the full members of
Wild Onion Grove will hold a closed vote on the applicant’s membership status.
In the event of rejection, the Executive Committee will issue a letter stating
reasons why the application was unsuccessful. If the member’s application has
been voted on and approved, the new Grove Member must then choose “Wild
Onion Grove” as his/her grove affiliation on the ADF national website.

Article 4. Voting Members

Voting members are those members of Wild Onion Grove ADF, who are Full
Grove Members; are current with their donations to both the National ADF
and Wild Onion Grove ADF; and have not resigned nor been expelled from
either ADF or Wild Onion Grove ADF.

Each voting Grove member shall have one vote after they have been a Full
Grove Member from one High Day to another (e.g., from Samhain to Winter
Solstice, Oimelc to Spring Equinox, etc.) This shall be their one vote for that

A gap of more than three months from the expiration of membership in Wild
Onion Grove ADF shall constitute a discontinuity of membership and cause
the loss of voting and related privileges. Any lapsed member may petition the
Wild Onion Grove ADF Executive Council for a reinstatement of their initial
membership date and thus the recovery of voting privileges upon payment of
donations in arrears.


Except as explicitly stated otherwise within these bylaws, a quorum shall consist
of those voting members representing sixty percent (60%) of the total number of
votes available to be cast. Said quorum may consist of a mix of members present
and members represented by proxies or absentee ballots. All votes referred to
within these bylaws are quorum votes. No vote may be taken on any matter
unless a quorum is present.

Proxy Statements and Absentee Ballots

Voting Members who wish to receive Proxy Statement forms or Absentee
Ballots must request them from the Scribe. Thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled
election, the Scribe shall distribute Proxy Statements and Absentee Ballots to all
voting members who request them for that election. To be considered valid for
an election, an executed Proxy Statement or Absentee Ballot must be received by
the Scribe no later than five (5) days prior to the election.

Proxy Statements are only valid for the election for which they are executed.
Long-term or permanent Proxy Statements, covering multiple elections or votes
in other Grove matters, shall not be accepted.

Article 5. Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Wild Onion Grove ADF, shall be at the Celtic holiday
of Lughnassadh or within a fortnight thereof as set forth in the Grove calendar
of events.

The purpose of the annual meeting shall be the election of Officers and the State
of the Grove presentation. The election of Officers shall be in accordance with
Article 6 of these bylaws. The yearly State of the Grove presentation shall be
presented by the Executive Council and shall consist of a summary of activities
relevant to each Officer’s position, followed by a discussion and critique of the
State of the Grove by the members present.

Article 6. Election of Officers & Their Responsibilities

Elected Officers hold office for a period of three (3) years. All nominees shall be
Full Grove Members at the time of nomination. Nominations for office can be
made by any Full Grove Member.

An Elections Officer shall be selected by a majority vote by the Grove
membership, and will be responsible for the collection and counting of votes and
subject to Grove majority approval.

Triennially, at the Annual Grove Meeting at At Lughnassadh, Elected Officers
shall be selected by a written ballot vote. In the event of a tie vote, simple lots
drawn by each nominee shall determine the winner.

Office of newly Elected Officers shall begin at the following Samhain with an
oath-taking installation rite.

All Officers of the Executive Council are elected by a majority of the quorum
vote unless otherwise noted.

Non-Elected Officers shall be selected by a challenge system.

For the sake of process and documentation, the next Officer election will take
place in 2010.

Article 7. Officers


The Elected Officers embody the Executive Council of the Grove.

Senior Druid

The Senior Druid is the Administrative and Spiritual Leader. The Senior
Druid calls meetings; sets agenda, provides leadership for the Grove, and is exofficio
a non-voting member of all committees. The Senior Druid shall appoint
a replacement in the event of a vacant office; shall set liturgical and events
calendars for the Grove; and shall be responsible for keeping Grove unity. The
senior Druid shall be responsible for Public Relations and the creation of Grove
advertising and literature. The Senior Druid shall be responsible for compiling
a quarterly report on the State of the Grove to be sent to the Archdruid and
the National Scribe and is responsible for reviewing all other officer quarterly
reports. The Senior Druid shall also fulfill all other obligations stated in these


The Preceptor shall exercise the functions of the Senior Druid in the Senior
Druid’s absence and shall replace the Senior Druid in the event of incapacitation
or resignation. The Preceptor shall act as facilitator and ombudsman ensuring
that all members have a voice and opportunity to participate in Grove matters.
The Preceptor shall aid members with the study program, and, therefore, must
be well versed in the study program requirements.


In capacity as Pursewarden, The Pursewarden/Registrar shall sign all checks,
drafts, and other instruments for the Grove; shall have custody of all monies
of the Grove; shall deposit all monies and valuables in the name of and to the
credit of the Grove in such financial institutions as designated by the Executive
Council; shall maintain custody of Grove property; shall be responsible for
keeping the Grove’s financial records; shall receive and disburse Grove funds;
and shall be responsible for the organization and supervision of Grove fundraising.
In capacity as Registrar, the Pursewarden/Registrar shall keep records
of each member’s membership status, voting tally, and subscriptions; and
shall maintain the membership list in strict confidentiality. The Pursewarden/
Registrar shall have accounting skills and record-keeping skills necessary for the
functions of the office. The Pursewarden/Registrar is responsible for compiling
a quarterly report of financial records, fund-raising activities, and membership
to be submitted to the Senior Druid for review and submission to the Mother


The Scribe shall keep minutes of the proceedings of all business meetings
of the Grove and shall make said minutes available to all members prior to
the next following business meeting; shall distribute Proxy Statements and
Absentee Ballots; shall collect executed Proxy Statements and Absentee Ballots;
shall receive all incoming correspondence and distribute it to the appropriate
Officers for reply; and shall maintain Grove files of meeting minutes and
correspondences. All correspondences received shall be brought to the attention
of the Grove at the next business meeting. Communications will be entrusted
to the appropriate Officer who shall respond and provide the Scribe a copy
of the response for the Grove record. The Scribe is responsible for submitting
a quarterly report of rituals and minutes to the Senior Druid for review and
submission to the Mother Grove. Candidates for the office of Scribe shall have
the ability to take minutes and typing skills.


These are the spiritual organizers of the Grove; as such they are peers, so the
following list is not in hierarchical order. Along with the Senior Druid they
function as the source of guidance and oversee the creation of the Grove public
rituals. Each Non-Elected Officer shall actively seek and train an apprentice
who shall stand-in in the absence of, and eventually replace, the Non-Elected
Officer; each Non-Elected Officer is required to provide for at least one
workshop per quarter. Non-Elected Officer terms of office are indefinite and
may last until the office is vacated.

Grove Liturgist

The Grove Liturgist shall coordinate the development of existing and
new rituals, rites of passage, handfasting, requiems, and other ceremonial
proceedings within the parameters of ADF’s history, policies, polytheology, etc.;
shall serve as a resource for other Grove members seeking liturgical information;
and shall assist the Senior Druid in construction of a Liturgical Calendar. The
Grove Liturgist must have a thorough understanding and practice in liturgical
design; must have demonstrated competency in language skills, excellent
English and familiarity in at least one liturgical pantheon including their Myths
and Lore; and must have a relative acquaintance with the Myths and Lore of
other pantheons.

Grove Bard

The Grove Bard is responsible for coordinating all musical/poetic/theatrical
elements of ritual, including chants, praise offerings, movement, etc.; shall be
able to provide original music and/or poetry; shall be familiar with musical
styles of different cultures and how they could be allied within ritual; and shall
be more than welcome to create modern myths and recalling of stories for
entertainment and general history purposes.

Grove Diviner

The Grove Diviner is responsible for coordinating/executing divination at
rituals, for counseling, advice for Grove matters/decisions; must be highly skilled
in the divining arts; must have thorough knowledge and practice of at least one
set, established, and recognized system of divination. The Grove Diviner shall
be familiar with divination systems and methods of different cultures; shall
serve as a resource for Grove members on information involving divination.
Shall also be responsible for keeping a Grove Book of Omens.

Additional Non-Elected Officer positions may be added as determined by the
Executive Council.

Article 8. Financial Records

All members of Wild Onion Grove ADF, and National ADF are entitled to
see the accounting records. The Pursewarden shall make these available for
a nominal fee for reproduction and mailing. A financial report consisting of
starting balances in all accounts, all income, expense, profit and loss entries
since the last report, and the current balances in all accounts shall be submitted
for the record by the Pursewarden at each Grove business meeting. The current
financial report shall be published in the minutes of each Grove business

Article 9. Donations and Allocations

An amount specified by the Executive Council shall serve as the monthly
minimum donation to the Wild Onion Grove ADF, thus entitling members
to Grove privileges. The executive Council shall specify a percentage of the
donation to be set aside toward the initiation or renewal of an individual’s
National ADF Membership.

A percentage of the monthly donations, at the discretion of the Executive
Council, may be given as a donation to the support of the Mother Grove. The
amount of monthly donations, and the disbursement thereof, shall be reviewed
at the annual meeting. The suggested minimum donation may be revised by the
Executive Council at the annual meeting. All amounts received and disbursed
shall be made Grove knowledge. The Executive Council shall allocated funds
for Grove events. The Pursewarden shall disburse these funds.

Article 10. Creation of Study Groups and/or Guilds, Committees,
and Other Subgroups

Grove members are encouraged to form study groups with the approval of the
Executive Council. Closed groups shall consist of no more than one half of the
Grove membership. Appropriate topics for these study groups shall fall under
the beliefs within the Preamble of the Ár nDraoicht Féin bylaws and the ADF
Study Guide.

Study Groups and other Subgroups

May be formed at any time but must have a purpose and a result; therefore, at
least two persons must be in a Study Group. Study Groups and Subgroups may
be closed groups and are not required to submit a report. However, these groups
must adhere to all Wild Onion Grove ADF, and National ADF bylaws.


Proposals for the formation of any Guild shall be brought to the Executive
Council for review prior to formation of the Guild. Each Guild shall be headed
by a Guildmaster or Guildmistress who shall be responsible to the Executive
Council for the operation of the Guild. All Guilds shall file quarterly reports on
the State of the Guild with the Executive Council and the Mother Grove. All
Guilds shall honor the spirit of the Preamble of Ár nDraoicht Féin bylaws and
the ADF Study Guide.


May be formed during any business meeting but must have a purpose and a
result; therefore, at least three persons must be on a committee and a written
or verbal report on progress must be submitted at every business meeting for
inclusion in the business meeting minutes. The Senior Druid is ex-officio a nonvoting
member of all committees.

Article 11. Discrimination

Membership and rank in Wild Onion Grove ADF, attendance at public or
semi-public Wild Onion Grove ADF, activities, and participation in any
Druidic study program shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race,
ancestry, color, physical disability (except as mentioned elsewhere in this
article), age, gender, or affectional orientation, but may be denied to individuals
practicing creeds inimical to Neopagan Druidism.

Membership within Wild Onion Grove ADF, positions of office and clergy, and
other such positions of responsibility and trust as the Grove may determine shall
be granted only by practicing Neopagans who are not simultaneously practicing
a creed inimical to Neopagan Druidism. As used herein, “inimical creeds” shall
include varieties of Conservative Monotheism, Atheism, Demonism, Racialism,
or other such creeds, as determined by the Mother Grove.

Proven communication or behavior or a virulently racist, sexist, homophobic,
heterophobic, anti-Semitic, or otherwise bigoted manner shall be grounds for
expulsion from Wild Onion Grove ADF, and subsequent expulsion/suspension
from National ADF by recommendation of the Mother Grove, as described in
Article 12 of these bylaws. This does not include strong verbal statements about
the theology, history, or psychological characteristics of other religions.
All organizers of public and semi-public Wild Onion Grove ADF, activities
shall make strenuous efforts to facilitate the participation of differently abled
individuals. Nonetheless, all aspirants to any given rank or position must be
able to meet all the relevant qualifications previously determined for said rank
or position, unless the Executive Council shall rule otherwise in a particular

Article 12. Expulsion, Suspension, Resignation or Impeachment of
Members and Officers

Wild Onion Grove ADF, may, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, suspend or expel
any member confessing to or found guilty of committing felony crimes-withvictims,
as defined by criminal and civil law and current criminological opinion,
or for proven and documented disruptive or abusive conduct which works
directly against the aims, activities, or welfare of Wild Onion Grove ADF, or its

If a member under consideration for suspension or expulsion is an Officer, said
member may be suspended or expelled only if two-thirds (2/3) of the Grove
Members vote to suspend or expel the member.

Disruptive or abusive conduct does not include the temperate expression of
disagreement, such as public or private written or verbal criticism of Wild Onion
Grove ADF, or its leadership; vigorous debate over matters of scholarship, art,
spirituality, or politics; the circulation of petitions to the Executive Council;
the organizing of other members into voting blocs; nor mere rudeness,
thoughtlessness, or lack of social skills.

Disruptive or abusive conduct does include the spreading of slander or libel
against Wild Onion Grove ADF, or its leadership; bigoted communication or
behavior; or active efforts to persuade members to quit or dissuade non-members
from joining Wild Onion Grove ADF.

In the case of a person who was declared temporarily or permanently
incapacitated at the time of said person’s resignation or removal from a position
of responsibility, the Executive Council shall require a reevaluation of said
person’s competency similar to the process which has declared incapacity, before
said person may seek election or appointment.

Members may resign from membership at any time for personal reasons, and
will be eligible to rejoin Wild Onion Grove ADF at a later date. Any member
whose donations lapse for a period of three months or more shall be deemed to
have resigned and will no longer receive Grove literature. If a resigned member
should decide to rejoin at a later date, said person’s vote will be reinstated after
they become a Full Grove Member.

Suspended, expelled, or resigned members may not hold office or act in any way
as representatives of Wild Onion Grove ADF. Expelled or resigned members
have no right to receive any publications, and may not continue to participate in
Druidic study programs by Wild Onion Grove ADF.

Members who have been suspended or expelled may, as stated in Article 19:8
of the National ADF bylaws, be banned permanently or temporarily from
attending Wild Onion Grove ADF, activities, including public worship. Such
bans shall be published immediately in Grove publications. They may be
published elsewhere in the case of very serious crimes.

Non-members may be expelled and/or permanently banned from public ritual
for disruptive or abusive conduct at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Article 13. Amendments and Replacement of Bylaws

Amendments to these bylaws may be made at any annual or special meeting
or referendum by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire voting membership.
Amendments shall be incorporated into the bylaws at the annual meeting and
revised copies of the bylaws shall be sent to all Grove members and the Mother

Every nine years, from the year of incorporation, at the Grove annual meeting,
the voting members of Wild Onion Grove ADF, shall decide by two-thirds
(2/3) vote whether to retain the current set of bylaws. Said decisions shall be
made after all other Electoral matters have been settled. Should the results be
negative, a Bylaws Revision Committee shall be formed. The members of said
committee shall include the Preceptor, who , as Members’ Advocate, shall head
the committee, the Senior Druid, two (2) other Officers of Wild Onion Grove
ADF, either Elected or Non-Elected, and two (2) voting members of Wild
Onion Grove ADF, who do not hold office. The annual meeting may not end
without these six being selected and approved by majority vote of the voting
members participating in body or proxy.

The Bylaws Revision Committee shall have one year to produce a proposed
new set of bylaws, during which time the old bylaws shall be in effect. Halfway
through that year an early draft shall be presented at the monthly business
meeting for inclusion in the published minutes of that meeting for comment by
the membership.

At least six weeks prior to the following annual meeting, the Bylaws Revision
Committee shall publish and distribute to the voting members a proposed
new set of bylaws. At that Grove annual meeting, alterations to the proposal
shall be debated and passed by a majority vote of those participating in body or
proxy. The final set of proposed new bylaws shall then be voted upon as a whole,
with a three-quarters (3/4) vote of the entire Wild Onion Grove ADF, voting
membership necessary for passage. The quorum for this vote shall therefore be
75 percent of votes available for cast.

Should a quorum not be available or should the new Bylaws not be passed, the
old Bylaws shall continue in effect for the next nine (9) years.

Upon the passing of the new bylaws, they shall come into effect upon the
following Samhain, completely replacing the previous set of bylaws at that time.
It shall be the duty of the existing Executive Council to notify the Mother
Grove and all appropriate civil authorities and to arrange any required elections
for new Officers, etc., in keeping with the spirit as well as the letter of the new

All new sets of bylaws must contain an article equivalent to this one, allowing
for their complete replacement every nine years at the will of the membership.