Joining the Grove

Joining Wild Onion Grove

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply for membership in Wild Onion
Grove. Those under 18 must present a signed and notarized document from
his/her legal guardian permitting them to join ADF and Wild Onion Grove
before s/he can apply for membership. Persons under the age of 18 must adhere
to the National ADF bylaws pertaining to them as well.

Choosing “Wild Onion Grove” as grove affiliation on the ADF website does not connote Full Membership status in the Grove.

Wild Onion Grove Member

A Full Grove Member is defined as a person who is a National Member (a
Member of ADF, Inc.), and has applied for and been accepted by vote of current
members as a Grove Member. Full Grove Members have voting privileges
in both the National and Grove elections, and receive one vote after his/her
six month Full Grove members receive both Grove literature and National
publications. Full Grove members also pay dues to the Grove as outlined in
Section 9 of the Bylaws. Only Full Grove Members may hold Grove Office. Full Grove

Members *must* choose “Wild Onion Grove” as their Grove affiliation on the
ADF website.

Grove Affiliate

A Grove Affiliate is someone who has applied for full Grove membership, but is
still in his/her first year. Grove Affiliates may make contributions to the Grove,
but it is not required. Grove Affiliates may attend certain members-only events
at the discretion of the Grove members, but may not vote. Grove Affiliates may
choose “Wild Onion Grove” as their grove affiliation on the ADF website, but
this does not indicate Full Member status until the Grove Members vote and
accept the Grove Affiliate’s application to join the Grove.

Friend of the Grove

Friends of Wild Onion Grove are those who are a) not members of ADF, b)
are national members of ADF but have not yet or have no desire to apply for
membership in Wild Onion Grove. Friends of the Grove may attend all public
rites, and may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be invited to
attend Grove social functions. They may not attend closed Grove functions.


To apply for full membership in Wild Onion Grove, a person must be a national
member of ADF, fill out and submit a Grove application (see below), and attend at least
two (2) public Grove events. Six months after application, the full members of
Wild Onion Grove will hold a closed vote on the applicant’s membership status.
In the event of rejection, the Executive Committee will issue a letter stating
reasons why the application was unsuccessful. If the member’s application has
been voted on and approved, the new Grove Member must then choose “Wild
Onion Grove” as his/her grove affiliation on the ADF national website.

Membership Form