What to Expect at a Wild Onion Rite

What to expect at a Wild Onion Rite

Public ADF rituals are a bit different than most other Neo Pagan rites and may be a litle confusing at first. Our rites follow a particular sequence we call the “Core Order of Ritual” and have certain elements that must be included as well as a much shorter list of certain elements which are are never included. The following things are never found in a public ADF rite:

  • Elemental Cross Symbolism (the 4 Elements)
  • Casting Circles in public ritual
  • Calling Watchtowers or Elemental Guardians
  • Calling the dualtheistic “Lord” and “Lady”
  • Acknowledgement of one divine being with power over all
  • Blood Sacrifices
  • Non-Indo-European mythic and deity motifs

Below is an outline with an explanation of each step of an ADF rite:

  • The Intention Of Our Rite
  • The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 1: Establishing The Grove
  • The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 2: Offering To The Powers
  • The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 3: The Blessing
  • The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 4: Giving Thanks, And Closing

    Our rites are open and inclusive. We do not close our circles, and you are free
    to come and go as you please during the rite. We ask only that you be
    respectfully quiet and attentive when within earshot of the ritual.

    If you have a Praise Offering that you wish to perform, please see our Grove
    Liturgist before the rite.