The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 3: The Blessing

The Outline Of Druidic Rites


Opening to Blessing: The priest/ess leads a meditation combining the presence of the powers with the content of the Omen. We also meditate on our own needs, those of our loved ones, and our community.

At this time there is usually a litany in which the assembled company pray to be given the Blessing, in the form of the Waters of Life. In this moment your personal desires should be strongly imagined, held in the mind and heart,
with harm to none and for the good of all.

The Waters of Life: The Blessing of the Powers is commonly given as a cup
or horn of drink. There is always clear water or fruit juice and sometimes ale,
wine or even whiskey (Gaelic: uisge na beatha, water of life). The priest/ess
invokes the Blessing as water drawn from the Well of Potentials and held in the light of the Fire of Transformation. We contemplate again our needs, and the Omen as we drink the Blessing. We often sing an anthem or listen quietly during this most reverent moment.

Works: If there is any social or magical task to be accomplished it is done at this time. Healings, announcements of weddings, child blessings, workings
for community good may occasionally be part of the rites.

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