The Outline Of Druidic Rites Part 2: Offering To The Powers

The Outline Of Druidic Rites


Preliminary Offerings: There are two preliminary offerings usually made
at this point.

First the Bard of the rite invokes the power of poetic inspiration to
indwell both the priest/esses and worshippers. This may be either an offering
to a specific Deity or a general attunement to sources of inspiration in the Self.

Next we offer to the spirits commonly called the Outdwellers. These
are the Powers that can be inimical to mortals or oppose our own God/desses.
We acknowledge their presence, asking them to leave our rites in peace. We
also acknowledge the parts of ourselves that might, likewise, interfere with
proper worship.

Three Kindred Offerings: In each of our rites we invoke and offer to the
Spirits in three categories. We call these the Kindreds to reflect their family
relationship with one another and with us. The Nature Spirits are those who
ensoul soil and stone, water and wind, bird and beast. The Dead are our
ancestors, both those of actual blood or those of our heart and affection. The
are the eldest Children of the Mother, the Brightest, Wisest and
Strongest. For each of these we speak an invocation and make a proper

When these Triad Offerings are made the worshippers should meditate on
and call to those Spirits that are closest to her. Her own Ancestors, her God/
desses, her allies among the Nature Spirits are called to join us in honoring
the Patron Powers of the rite.

Patron Offerings: Each of our rites is commonly dedicated to two or more of the God/desses. These are usually chosen either for their connection with the seasonal holiday being celebrated, for their ability in the area of the work being done or their special relationship with the mortal focus of the rite. The Patrons of the rite are first invoked with expressive prose or poetry, sometimes accompanied by a visualized image of the Deities. A proper offering is made as the priest/ess invokes.

After the formal offerings there is usually a time when members of the company can make personal offerings. Usually these are ‘Praise Offerings’ – offerings of art – songs, poetry etc., though they may be thanks to the Powers for blessings received.

Final Sacrifice and Omen: After the Praise Offerings the priest/ess gives a
final Prayer of Sacrifice and makes a large offering to the Fire. This is the
moment whenevery worshipper sends her love and respect, her energy, through the Gates to the Patrons and Powers. After the Sacrifice the priest/ess seeks an omen, doing a simple divination to determine what sort of blessing the Powers offer in return for our gifts.

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