Nine Aspects of Brighid candle holders

Nine Aspects of Brighid candle holders


smallImbolc 025For Imbolc 2010 Caroline made wooden candle holders painted with 9 colors to represent the nine aspects of Brighid.

She bought wooden candle cups and wooden discs at Joanns and glued the discs to the bottom of the cups to add stability. The first painting effort did not go so well, and the candle holders came out looking…well tacky. She got a reprieve though when the ritual was postponed due to the blizzard. She repainted and got inspired by folkpainting and came up with the design you see now in the photos. The still weren’t quite what was first envisioned but they turned out better than the first effort!

The base was painted black and then varnished with gloss varnish mixed with blue pearlized pigment to give them a metalic-like finish. Then a stripe of eight of the colors were painted down the sides of the candle cups (these colors were also pearlized and manipulated to make them more vibrant) and the ninth color (gold) was used as the accent color and to paint the decoration on the base. The colors corresponded to each aspect as follows:

Sacred Arts

Bard (Blue)

Healer (Green)

Smith (Silver)

Sacred Places

Sacred Wells (Blue-Green)

Hearth Fires (Orange)

Skies/High Places (Purple)

Sacred Duties

Warrior (Red)

Sovereignty (Gold)

Mentor (Yellow)



Each person who attended the ritual then got to take one home with them to place on their shrine/altar.

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