Invocation to Medb

Invocation to Medb


Medb, Queen of the Unseen realms

Sacred intoxication of the soul

We call to You on Beltaine when the veil between the worlds grows thin

and Your power surges forth, blessings pouring from Your cup.

The Cup of Inspiration

The Cup of Ambition,

The Cup of Endless Depths.

The richness of the soil,

The sweetness of the air,

And the cool clarity of the waters

Are accorded by Your hand.

Sovereign Queen, through You all power is granted

You bestow prosperity and abundance

To those who join with You in ancient ways.

We seek Your Blessings,

We offer the sweet and pleasing things of the earth

We offer our joy and celebration, our sweat, our yearnings, and our love,

Great Medb of the Three Worlds-

Blessed Ancestor,

Mighty Goddess,

Otherworldly Queen! Be with us today!


– Written by Caroline Farrow