New Triads

The Grove also set its sights on writing new single triads, and this is the invocation written to honor the Three.

Triad Invocation

Beings of the Land, Sea & Sky

Spirits and Creatures of the Land, Sea & Sky,

You who move in currents both seen and unseen,

Denizens and Dwellers Below, Beside and Beyond.

We welcome you to our Rite,

And bid You Peace.

Nature Spirits, Ancestors and Mighty Ones

Spirts of Nature, Kin and Might,

You Who move in worlds both here and elsewhere,

Denizens and Dwellers of Heath, Heart and Heavens.

We welcome You to our Rite,

And ask Your Blessings.

Helpful Beings

Keepers of Lore, Guardians of the Tribe and Providers of Sustenance,

You Who move in realms of the physical and cerebral,

Denizens and Dwellers in Head, Hand and Home.

We welcome You to our Rite,

And ask Your Guidance.

Jack Cole
Autumn Equinox 2008