Journey to the Pale Guardian

An Invocation to Heimdallr

This invocation to Heimdallr is inspired by The Nine Noble Virtues as well as Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard and Asgard. Each color is connected with a Virtue and a Rune, and seekers are asked to journey from the darkness into wisdom as they connect with their guide, Heimdall.

As part of this journey, Wild Onion created a nine-beaded charm as a Grove takeaway for the Autumnal Equinox where we celebrated Heimdall as our Deity of Occasion.

Black: On the glittering edge where color begins, there is blackness. The void where unseen forces hold our universe together fills our eyes and senses with nothingness. Here we must rely on inner Vision to guide our first steps. (Vision)

Laguz, deep waters of the worlds, guide us as we step into the Unknown. Show us where to tread when light can’t reach us.

Violet: Our first, hesitant step taken, we pause to see the first flash of color, a deep Violet. Unsure of our journey’s path, we Persevere. Our journey can only succeed if we take our next step, and keep moving forward. (Perserverance)

Naudhiz, our need is clear. Remind us of our purpose, and keep our feet moving onward to our goal.

Indigo: We begin to see colors slide into bright Indigo, the presence of the Gods and Their Works. They challenge us to understand with our human hearts and hands the wonders They create, and we in turn show them Awe and Wonder. (Piety)

Isa, cold and still. You are the Pause on our journey, the reminder to take in the Wonders of the Mighty Ones.

Blue: As colors shift to Blue, we are reminded that, though we take our journey as individuals, we march forward together. on our shared quest, we must be ever-mindful of how we are bound together, and of our responsibilities to ourselves and our fellow seekers. (Integrity)

Tiwaz, help us see the shared responsibility to protect, honor and nurture the paths of others, to be beacons of just and fair action to our Tribe.

Green: Waves of Green light pulse beneath our feet as we step further along. This is the power to create – to bring forth works pulled from our dreams and desires. As we move on, let us leave behind a legacy of doing and making to benefit those who come after us. (Fertility)

Ing, crafter and maker. Help us be fertile with our works, and generous with their results. Remind us that what we make for others is a gift to our own spirits.

Yellow: Our collective feet fall gently onto a bright stripe the color of the noonday sun, and are energized in our journey. We realize, though, that the wild forces dancing through us must be tamed so that they do not threaten to distract us from our true goal. (Moderation)

Mannaz, help us to keep an even keep as we walk our journey. Let the good of the Tribe, the good of all, be the tempering force, to keep us moving forward.

Orange: We can nearly see the other edge – our journey to the Great Guardian nearly complete. Depleted from our long walk, we step into the realm of orange sunsets, campfires and the glow of human companionship. We are welcomed, and we welcome in turn. (Hospitality)

Gebo, the infinite gift. That which is given and received yet gives to both giver and receiver. Remind us that guests are precious and valued, and we are made stronger by welcoming them to our hearth.

Red: Our journey draws almost to its end, and the unexpected makes our pulses race. As our vision fills with red, we must gather the courage to face the next step, and achieve an audience with the Pale Warrior who guards the Upper Realm. (Courage)

Thurisaz, heart-strong. Show us that we have within us all that is needed to complete our journey. Remind us that fear is normal, but also that it is conquerable.

White: Our final step reveals all color blending into holy white. We stand in the presence of the Divine, its warm Wisdom flowing around us, filling us, uniting us. (Wisdom)

Ansuz, shatterer of ignorance, and destroyer of intolerance. Give us inner vision so that our hearths may see what our eyes cannot. Be the bridge between thought, action and desire, and from that connection, let great things flow from us.

Pale Guardian, Gold Tooth, Son of Nine Waves, we have journeyed to you from Midgard to seek your counsel. May our ears hear the wisdom of the distant growing wheat, our eyes see the truth of the cycle of the year, and our spirits sense the path the Gods have set before us. May we be guardians of the path through Your example!

Written by Jack Cole