Brighid, Queen of Arts

Brighid, Queen of Arts

Blessed Teacher, Matron of Skill,
We praise and thank You for sharing
Your Sacred Spaces,
Your Sacred Duties, and
Your Sacred Arts with us.

You are the Hearth,
Glowing fires of home to warm and feed.
You are the Well,
Waters dark and deep to mystify.
You are the Skies,
Sacred hills and peaks the soul to free.

You are the Warrior,
Axe and shield to serve the home and Tribe.
You are the Sovereign,
Stave and orb to rule the Folk and Land.
You are the Mentor,
Gentle hand to guide the soul and mind.

You are the Smith,
Hammer, forge and tongs to shape and smooth.
You are the Bard,
Poem and song and tale to laugh and teach.
You are the Healer,
Poultice, herb and care to heal and soothe.

Guide us in using Your sacred knowledge
To brighten, enlighten and protect our world.
Brighid, Queen of Arts,
We thank You.

Jack Cole