Maeve of the Mountain

Maeve of the Mountain

May fires lit on dark mountains which brace the night sky
Show fleeting faces, long shadows and arcing trails.
Space contracts, and time slows
As the May Queen ascends from Her earthen halls.

She is all beauty and guile,
She wears the moonlight, and wraps the fire around Her.
Her light steps glow as She glides from ember to glowing ember.
She blesses the work She sees.

Dancers push and pull, hands reaching out,
Lips touching, Night moving,
She blends firelight and shadowdeep
To weave the dreams of Her kin.

She lays out a feast, and invites us to revel.
Strange food, stranger music, strangest night.
Fuel for sacred work to be done.
Spread on sacred ground, these are Her seeds for dreamers.

Fire on hills meets fire in skies,
And Her revel draws to a close.
She leaves you, trailing night and nightmare.
Her fire buries itself deep in us all.

She is Maeve of the Mountain,
And She walks in us,
Burning green.
Triumphant Spring.

Jack Cole
Beltane 2013